Solar Thermal Panel: Commercial Options


Mounting options

The wide range of conditions presented by the projects encountered can be reduced to several types of mounting system by familiar characteristics and the sub-sections contained by them. These are detailed in the next section.

pitched roof mountingPitched roofs

Pitched roofs require pitched roof fixings. Here is a sample of the typical pitched roof fixings available for the LaZer2 collector.

Truss Straps for tiles

Wood to metal dowels

Seam Clamps for seam roofs

Top hat profile for composite sheet roofs

Due to the vast diversity of pitched roofing materials and systems we employ various methods of securing equipment in place. It is of course paramount that we transfer loads safely to the structure without compromising the integrity of the construction envelope.

This is why we invariably attempt to pass through the title courses, fixing directly to the load bearing structure without impeding the tiles function. Due to the wide range of tile types that we encounter, we have several profiles of fixing brackets in our arsenal. Typically they will be made from either; stainless steel, or aluminium, this is for strength and longevity and in each case will be tested to be fit for purpose.

Due to the nature of certain roof coverings, it is necessary in some instances to penetrate roofing materials. This can be done carefully following our tried and tested methods to ensure the resulting integration of materials, continues to perform as well as it did prior to the penetration being undertaken. All our workmanship is 10 covered by our labour warrantee (*see warrantees section for details).

examples of solar mounted on a pitched roof

Flat roof, Free standing or ground mounted

The LaZer2 collectors can be mounted in many ways. The modular design makes them very versatile and system sizing is increased in multiples of panel units. The panel units can be arranged in numerous ways, as can be seen in the photographs which provide visual examples of the compatible mounting systems available.

Flat roof options

There are two options available when planning to install collectors to a flat roof top. These are either; to fix them to the construction in some way, Or, to use an arrangement of carefully calculated ballast material, positioned to resist the wind loading conditions possible in the installation location.

We have had extensive experience is providing solutions that work well in both situations.

The loading of a structure and the feasibility of achieving a suitable fixing are the main influences effecting which option is most suitable for the project in hand.

The additional ballast loading is not extreme due to the tubular nature of the collectors allowing wind to pass between them, however it can be an issue for close consideration, particularly if being implemented on a retrofit/refurbishment of an existing building, or applying this technology to a building in the late stages of design/ construction.

Fixed flat roof arrays

Fixed flat roof arraysrequire physical connection to the building by high tensile bolts or other positive secured fixing.

Examples are shown here in this montage of previously completed installations.

flat roof sdolar arrays fixed

Ballasted arrays

Ballasted arrays are popular because they don’t require any fixings to be passed through the finished roof materials. Providing the structure and roof covering material is suitable, this tends to be the favoured method of ensuring collectors can resist wind loading and so remain in the position intended.

It is common to use sacrificial layers of material to separate the ballast blocks from the roof coverings, in order to avoid wear and tear otherwise caused through different rates of thermal expansion.

A Frame mounting options

Ground mounting options

Ground mounting options include ballast but more commonly incorporate ground mounting posts which are driven into the ground like piles. The benefits of this system are that it can be used on land with no permanent environmental effects.

Options extras include a terram and shingle covered area below the panels to ensure low maintenance by removing the need to trim weeds and grasses under and around the ground mounted panel arrays.

a frame for solar thermal

Tracked Arrays:

The LaZer2 collectors can be supplied along with a bespoke solar tracking system which can achieve unparalleled performance when compared with alternative arrangements. These systems are suited to overcome space limitations by maximising the yield from fewer panels.

This system is expensive due to the equipment required and additional maintenance involved, but may be the only option in certain circumstances where the requirement to achieve a given yield from renewable sources is paramount to a projects viability. Here are some example photographs of systems we have installed in the past.

solar heating tracking

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