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We have extensive experience with various building types, materials and fixing systems. We are able to engineer bespoke options for unique projects as well as share the benefit of this experience with any designers or specifies at the earliest stages of a new project or retrofit.

We are also keen to keep our eyes open to new and improved technology, and so will often work closely with designers and roofing specialists to make sure where possible that we use brand compatible materials and systems to maintain existing warrantees and ensure compatibility.

We can provide structural loading calculations if the client is not in a position to undertake these checks. We are insured to carry out design work, however are happy to provide product specific design input and support to an overall building/project design, as this can sometimes be the most cost effective option for our client/clients representative, depending on the structure of the project/contract.
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LaZer2 collectors can be hung vertically from a wall or laid flat with a lower reduction in performance than would result from doing this with alternative designs of collector.

For more details please contact our offices and ask to speak to a technical advisor.

Technical Data

Independent testing by SPF Institut FÜr Solarechnik verifies the LaZer2 product to be in the top six, highest performing, commercially available collectors in the market place, and, until recent years it has been the highest performing vacuum tube collector of its kind.

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lazer 2 solar thermal collector

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