Solar Energy: Solar PV in Tunbridge Wells Kent


Domestic Solar PV and Solar Thermal installation in Bromley

Bromley solar PV

ST Panels Amerisolar 185W Monocrystalline
Location Bromley , Kent
Carbon Saved per year 975 kg CO2/year
Inverter DiehlAko Platinum 2800S
Commissioned September 2010
Estimated production 1,867 kWh/a

The client had a 2.22 kW photovoltaic system installed in conjunction with a 2 sqm Lazer2 solar thermal system. The combination of these technologies provided substantial savings on their energy bills and provided an income from the Feed In Tariff guaranteed for 25 years.

Solar UK manufacturer the LaZer2 Solar Thermal collector, our collectors are installed Horizontally, unlike many others which are installed vertically.

solar thermal and solar PV in Bromley


At SolarUK we are unique in that we provide solar solutions, working with the customer to turn their solar gain into Energy.

We specialize in enabling customers to realise their solar potential and the real financial gains associated.

Unparalleled experience in both domestic and large scale installations, Solar UK has the expertise to tackle your energy demands.


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