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Photovoltaics: Solar PV installation, Bedfordshire

A 3.5 Kwh installation for a domestic residence.

Richard Ledger was so happy with the solar hot water system installed by SolarUK in 2006 he followed this up by having a 3.5kw photovoltaic system fitted at his Bedfordshire home.
An 8 x 2 array of panels hangs over the rear of his garage.  An inverter installed in the garage feeds the house via an armoured cable running along the ground and into the side wall. It is routed via two cupboards to the consumer board, and a generation meter is fitted to a kitchen wall.

‘They deserve the highest praise’
Surveying the completed work, Mr Ledger was clearly as pleased with his new installation as he was with the 2006 one, as his letter suggests:

Dear Geoff,
Once more Solar UK have come up trumps. 
In 2006 you gave me excellent service on fitting my solar hot water system, and in the much larger PV project now, you have shown all of you involved a huge amount of courtesy, helpfulness, professionalism and skill.  I am delighted with the final outcome –superb.  The installation team were excellent and they put up with all my questions and survived my cups of tea! So they deserve the highest praise!

I shall continue to recommend Solar UK without hesitation or reservation!
Hope you continue your excellent work and go from strength to strength.
So with many thanks and all good wishes.

Richard from Bedfordshire

solar water heating on porch

Other measures to reduce the house’s carbon footprint and make the best possible use of the generated electricity include the air sourced heat pump that can be seen on the rear of the house.

solar energy schematic

Feed-in tariff

Mr Ledger’s new PV system benefits from the Government’s Clean Energy Cash Back scheme, which starts in April 2010. Under this scheme, small-scale energy producers will be offered a fixed, premium rate for renewable energy fed-in to the grid. The legislation obliges the utility companies to buy units of energy over a set number of years. The result will be cheaper renewable energy.
Mr Ledger contacted SolarUK again in May 2010 to report that his system has produced 841Kwh of electricity so far this year, exceeding the predicted amount of 837Kwh.
For more information on the Feed-in tariffs, see the photovoltaic webpage.

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