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Solar Energy: System Design, Specification & Pricing

SolarUK is able to assist you in specifying the best solar energy system to be integrated within your building project.

planning a solar water heating systemFrom your first ideas

From initial ideas and concepts, we are able to provide both informal and formal advice on the ideal system to suit the requirements of your project, allowing you to develop an initial specification either for yourself if you are a self builder, or for your client.

We are often asked to get involved at the ideas stage of a project. If you are planning to install a solar energy system, our advice could extend to considering matters such as rooflines, how to integrate around dormer windows, even where to place the stored hot water tank.

This advice can extend to the way our systems will help you meet current and planned legislation with regard to building energy efficiency.

Estimated costs can be provided at an early stage of the project with a quoted price being provided prior to final go-ahead.

Through formal planning

As the project develops, our engineers can advise on how the various components of a solar energy system, for water heating and/or electricity generation can be made to fit within your plans.

solar heating for tower blocksOur advice will extend to the way the system might be used, its overall cost benefit including any maintenance of the solar system and how it will integrate with any boilers and water circulation systems.

To building

During the building stage we can identify when our components will need to be installed to best fit in with the first and second fix phases of the building project.

Our service will invariably require a site survey both for projects where we are involved from the start of planning and construction and those where we are installing on an existing building.

Normally we can work alongside your own contractors or delegate certain tasks while retaining overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the system.

Feel free to give us a call on 01424 772 903 to tell us about your plans and what you would like from a solar system.

We can tell you what is possible, often being able to provide examples and perhaps a view of existing installations that are similar to your own plans.

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