Air Sourced Heat Pump


SolarUK has a unique solution for cost effective heating of swimming pools.

solarpv flat roofSeveral market factors have combined to make powering an Air sourced Heat pump with Free elec- tricity from Solar PV panels a very attractive combination. The Feed In Tariff scheme means the utility companies will “buy” the electricity generated by YOUR PV panels at a guarenteed index linked rate for 25 years.

Air Sourced heat pumps work on the same principal as a fridge in reverse by trying to cool down the outside world. This obviously is futile as the outside environment is so big it just warms the little heat pump radiator back up again! But the inside radiator gets hot from the waste heat and can be used to warm the pool water.

The electricity is just used to drive the refrigerant pump and as a result you get 3 1/2 times the heat out from the electrical energy you put in (which is free anyway and you get paid for it!!!)

air sourced heat pump

Design, Supply and Installation Service

SolarUK Ltd is an MCS registered company with the capability and experience to design, supply and install optimised PV Solar system and link it to the Air Sourced Heat Pump. This gives the financial return from the Feed in Tariff and the added bonus of using that electric- ity to provide free heating for your pool. During winter months (or pool decommissioned periods) you still receive the FIT income

SolarUK Ltd has it’s own trained installation teams with the capability and experience to supply and install optimised PV Solar systems.

Air sourced heat pumps are ideal for pool heating as the relatively low delivery temperature results in the unit operating at a higher COP (coefficient of performance) There is additional benefit of operating the heat pump during the day so the ambient air temperature is at a maximum further increasing the COP. You will not be penalised with peak rate electricity as the electricity will come from your Solar PV panels and not through your supply meter so is effectively free.

Service, Maintenance and Diagnostic options

SolarUK Ltd has skilled staff to expertly analyse system performance and optimise financial returns. We offer service and maintenance solutions to ensure your system performs for the 25 year Feed in Tariff period.

SolarUK have worked alongside many high profile companies.

SolarUK is fully proficient in the commercial market and applies equal standards and profes- sionalism to our domestic installs. For further information on the benifits of the conbined technologies please contact our sales office

PV Array  


Panels PV Rated KW Heat Pumps rated output Approx Pool Volume AC power Size Est. total inc. install Approx KWH into pool
16 3.92 Eco 12 12kW 60m3 220-240/1/50 1010/370/615mm £10,225.00 6776
12 2.94 Eco 10 10kw 40m3 220-240/1/50 1010/370/615mm £8,338.00 6067.6
9 2.205 Eco 8 8kw 30m3 220-240/1/50 936/360/550mm £6,941.00 5082
6 1.47 Eco 5 5kw 18m3 220-240/1/50 936/360/550mm £5,119.00
5 1.225 Eco 3 3kw 12m3 220-240/1/50 770/300/490mm £4,178.00 2248.4

Standards and Approvals

Microgeneration Installation Standards MIS3001 & MIS3002 SMAS-SSIP - Accredited

CHAS - Accredited

BBA - Approved solar thermal and UK made collector

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