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The UK designed and manufactured LaZer2 collector has been developed to deliver the maximum amount of solar thermal energy. Independent tests carried out by a leading European research institute (Institut für Solartechnik SPF) have shown that the LaZer2 solar collector out-performs all of our major competitors’ products*1.

Because we realise that reliability is as important as performance, the LaZer2 solar collector has been designed to operate for at least 25-years with no loss of performance. To ensure total confidence in the solar collector’s reliability all LaZer2 solar vacuum tubes are covered by a 25-year warranty*2.

If the LaZer2’s unparalleled performance and reliability isn’t enough, then the solar collector’s sleek and compact design really sets it apart from the competition. An all-black anodised aluminium frame means minimum visual impact, whilst the unique manifold-end allows all unsightly pipes, insulation and cables to be completely hidden from view.


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Design of our Solar Water Heating System

The all-glass design of the LaZer2 solar vacuum tubes (evacuated tubes) means that you no longer have to worry about collector failure. In traditional vacuum tube collector designs the glass-metal seal can fail due to the varying expansion/contraction of the two materials. By eliminating the glass-metal seal we have eliminated the risk of vacuum loss.

Our >93% efficient vacuum tubes are ideal for climates like those of the UK, as they are virtually unaffected by air temperature or wind-chill, with no noticeable variation in performance whether the ambient temperature is 0°C or 30°C.

The LaZer2 collector incorporates horizontally mounted vacuum tubes with a curved collecting surface. The collector can therefore be mounted off of the optimum angle yet still absorb the same amount of energy. This design allows a constant aperture to be maintained to the sun, in order to maximise solar gain. By automatically compensating for the change in the sun’s angle throughout the year, more usable energy can be gained.

The LaZer2 collector features a unique aluminium heat sink and a direct-flow, serial-manifold. A direct-flow manifold is more efficient than a heat-pipe manifold because it does not require an indirect transfer of energy, which will always lead to some loss of energy. In a collector with a serial-manifold, the transfer fluid passes through each vacuum tube in series rather than just in and out of a single tube. This means the fluid moves much faster as it has further to travel (38m in a LaZer2 collector). The increased speed means more turbulence and a distinct improvement in heat transfer.

Solar Heating Operation

Solar energy penetrates the glass and is absorbed by the specially selected coating on the collecting surface. Once absorbed the energy is trapped inside the tube by the vacuum. The unique aluminium heat-sink transfers the trapped energy to the advanced internal manifold, directly heating the transfer fluid.

Technical Data

mcs accreditation

Gross Area:1.346m²
Aperture Area: 0.932m²
Absorber Area: 0.796m²

Total Height: 615mm
Total Width: 2110mm
Total Depth: 104mm (Manifold 113mm)
Total Weight: 43Kg

Op. Pressure: < 6-Bar
Max. Pressure: < 9-Bar

Tube Construction: High-Borosilicate Glass
Tube Warranty: 25-Years
Tube Diameter: 58mm
Tube Length: 1960mm
Tube Strength: Tested to withstand ø25mm hailstone
Tube Vacuum: P < 5x10-3Pa

Selective Coating: Aluminium-Aluminium Nitride
Manifold Design: Direct-Flow Serial Connection

Absorption Coefficient: > 93%
Parameters for Efficiency Equations (Aperture Area):

  • h0 (Zero-Loss Collector Efficiency): 0.753
  • a1 (Heat Loss Coefficient): 1.54 W/m²K
  • a2 (Temperature Dependence of HLC): 0.0099 W/m²K²
Approval: EN12975-2 2001

Design Life: >25-years
Tube Warranty: 25-Years

(*1: Based on aperture area. Other collectors tested include (but not limited to): Apricus, Filsol, OPC, Schott, Seido, Sonnenkraft, Stiebel Eltron, Thermomax, Vallient, Viessmann.)

(*2: Limited warranty covers LaZer2 tubes against loss of vacuum during normal operation for a period of 25-years.)

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