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  • Pitched Roof Mounting Systems

    pitched roof solar mounting systems

    Our pitched roof mounting kits are designed with ease of installation and aesthetics in mind.

    Each kit includes roof mounting straps and bars, through roof flashing kit, the appropriate inter-collector manifold and a manifold cover.

    This provides you with everything required to mount and connect the desired number of LaZer2 collectors on a pitched roof.

    Once installed you will be left with a set of flow and return pipes inside the building. No external pipe work or roof fixings will be visible.

    The packages detailed below include the appropriate number of collectors and suitable pitched roof mounting kit:

    Code Name Aperture Width Height Weight
    LZ2-PS2 2-Collector Standard 1.9 m² 2110 mm 1230 mm 80 kg
    LZ2-PS2B 2-Collector Butterfly 1.9 m² 4220 mm 615 mm 80 kg
    LZ2-PS3 3-Collector Standard 2.8 m² 2110 mm 1845 mm 120 kg
    LZ2-PS4 4-Collector Standard 3.7 m² 2110 mm 2460 mm 160 kg
    LZ2-PS4B 4-Collector Butterfly 3.7 m² 4220 mm 1230 mm 160 kg
    LZ2-PS5 5-Collector Standard 4.7 m² 2110 mm 3075 mm 200 kg
    LZ2-PS6B 6-Collector Butterfly 5.6 m² 4220 mm 1845 mm 240 kg
    LZ2-PS8B 8-Collector Butterfly 7.5 m² 4220 mm 2460 mm 320 kg
    LZ2-PS10B 10-Collector Butterfly 9.3 m² 4220 mm 3075 mm 400 kg


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