Solar Thermal Circulation Controls


A LaZer2 Circulation Module is the ‘heart’ of a solar water heating system.


solar thermal circulation controllerIt incorporates the components required for the pumping and management of the system’s heat transfer solution.

The Circulation Modules have been designed to dramatically reduce the amount of work required when installing sealed and pressurised solar thermal systems.

Each Circulation Module incorporates the following components:

    • Pressure Gauge – Indicates the pressure within the system and monitors fluid content. The pressure fluctuates as the water in the system heats up and cools down.
    • Flow Meter – Indicates the flow rate of water within the solar hot water system.
    • Pump - The system incorporates a pump to circulate the heat transfer solution around the system.
    • Expansion Vessel - The expansion vessel allows for changes in the volume of the water inside the system. These changes occur naturally with cooling and heating.
    • Filling Loop – For connection to a mains-water supply, filling-bottle or pressurization pump for adding water, anti-freeze and/or pre-mixed heat transfer solution to the system.
    • One-way Valve – The valve prevents thermo-siphoning during cold periods. A bypass tap allows easy filling and draining of the system.

solar thermal circulation controllerOur standard range of LaZer2 Circulation Modules is designed for use in systems with a flow rate of up to 15-litres/minute.

We can manufacture bespoke and commercial circulation modules to order. These modules can be used in systems with flow rates of 15-litres/minute to 150-litres/minute.

The following additional components can be built into our bespoke modules:

  • Flow Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Dosing Pots
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Air & Dirt Separators
  • Isolation Valves
  • Standby Pumps

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