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SolarUK Ltd maintains a watch on current news about our industry. We have presented our up to date list of news items below.

Solar thermal retained under RHI reforms
BEIS has decided to retain the technology under the scheme on its current tariff rate of 19.74p/kWh
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 16 December 2016 06:30

Google to be powered 100% by renewable energy
The internet giant is already the world’s biggest corporate buyer of renewable electricity, last year buying 44% of its power from wind and solar farms. Now it will be 100%, and an executive said it would not rule out investing in nuclear power in the future, too. Google uses AI to cut data centre energy use by 15% “We are convinced this is good for business, this is not about greenwashing. This is about locking in prices for us in the long term."
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 06 December 2016 18:54

Report claims renewables reach 50% of Britains energy mix
Low carbon energy sources were responsible for producing more than half of Britains electricity for the first time in Q3 2016.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 15 November 2016 12:22

Energy Storage deployment is accelerating
For the first time ordinary people are playing a part in generating energy for the National Grid and sharing in its rewards. More than 800,000 homes are now generating their own power through solar panels and within five years home batteries will be just as common.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 13 October 2016 17:31

Renewable Energy generation Record due to Solar
In Q1 2016 renewables generated more than a quarter (25.1%) of the UK’s electricity despite lower than expected wind speeds and rainfall. That figure was up 2.3 percentage points on generation recorded in Q1 2015, helped along by significant new solar capacity.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 15 August 2016 13:53

UK lacks policies to meet more than half its carbon emissions cuts – report
National carbon emissions have fallen by over 4.5% a year since 2012, but almost entirely due to increases in green electricity from renewables and lower coal use, with virtually no reductions in the rest of the economy.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 01 July 2016 08:56

Brexit could see ‘greater levels’ of new energy capacity but ‘increase bills'
Economics consultancy Oxera has suggested that the energy market stands to be significantly disrupted in the event of a vote to leave the EU, particularly in relation to the country’s policy of importing energy from continental Europe through its interconnectors. This energy, Oxera said, is effectively subsidised to the tune of between £8 and £8.50 per megawatt hour due to the differences in carbon prices and generator charges between countries, effectively distorting the UK’s own energy sector.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 20 June 2016 17:12

Consequences of investing in renewables!
German wholesale electricity prices briefly go negative, people are being paid to use electricity!!!
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 20 June 2016 17:11

South Austrailia becomes self sufficient on Renewable Energy
South Australia runs entirely on renewable energy following coal plant closure
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 20 May 2016 08:25

Self Sufficiency in energy in Portugal
Portugal runs for 4 days straight purely on renewables
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 20 May 2016 08:24


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